‚ĚĚpretentious mixtapes i made in high school.

Al Lover’s Distorted Reverberations of Reverberated Distortion

This mix is about psychedelic reinterpretations of contemporary rock ‘n roll.

Why It’s Pretentious:¬†”But Ale!” you say. “You said it was covers week! These are remixes!” Well yes, but what is a remix or a cover but mere interpretation? An innovative take on a recognizable form? Also, these are awesome, so cool yer jets. My favorite is his “psychedelic reinterpretation” of “Hey Friend,” the first single (and, in my opinion, the most stellar tune) off their upcoming album We Are The Champions*. Also, check out Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Moonhearts, Davilla 666, and Natural Child (what up, Infinity Cat!). And… all the rest of them. Right now.

Free Download via Cool Al Lover.

*The video for this song is debuting tomorrow on Rolling Stone. You should probably check it out because it’s gonna blow your mind out of yer eyeballs, ya dig?

May 31st (+5)
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